Providing Targeted Cancer Diagnostics


HSL-Advanced Diagnostics provides two forms of service a) an immuno or in situ slide staining only service and b) a slide staning and interpretation service.

HSL-Advanced Diagnostics takes no responsibility for either the choice of antibodies requested or the subsequent interpretation of results which are part of the immuno or in situ staining only service (a)*.

HSL-Advanced Diagnostics interpretation service (b) is performed for specific tissue biomarkers and molecular tests.  Interpretation is performed by both specialist UCL/UCLH Consultant Histopathologists or by HSL-AD's team of State Registered Biomedical Scientists. Interpretation is for the specific requested test only.  Results of interpreted tests should be utilized in the context of the overall clinicopathological characteristics of the patient case.  Subsequent diagnosis and treatment regimen should  NOT solely be made on test results provided by HSL-AD.

Although every effort will be made to produce the best possible staining on the material provided, HSL-Advanced Diagnostics cannot guarantee that every sample will be immunostained optimally. This is because HSL-Advanced Diagnostics is not in control of the sample handling, fixation and processing procedures employed to produce the tissue block and unstained slides prior to the request, factors which can have a major impact on the final diagnostic preparation.

Unless specified by the requestor, stained slides will be returned to the requestor/requesting organisation by Royal Mail. Alternatively specialist transport by medical courier can be arranged upon request.  Medical courier costs shall be passed through to the requestor and included as part of the client invoice.


If assistance with selection of antibodies, probes or molecular tests and/or the interpretation of results is required then HSL-Advanced Diagnostics will forward this request for assistance to a Senior Histopathologist or Scientist within HSL/UCLH. There is usually no charge for advice, but if interpretation is required a fee will be applied.