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Advanced Diagnostics Validates New ROS1 IHC Assay for NSCLC

Advanced Diagnostics has validated a new assay for identifying ROS1 positive patients by IHC. This validation is based on many years of providing a routine ROS1 FISH service and has been made available to referring clients to meet the increased demand for routine upfront testing of all NSCLC. This follows NICE approval for Crizotinib to be made available to ROS1 positive patients on the Cancer Drug Fund: NICE Guidance.

Advanced Diagnostics uses the D4D6 clone from Cell Signalling Technology on the Ventana platform using an amplification step to detect the low level of protein present in these tumours. All IHC positive (weak and strong) will be automatically reflexed for confirmatory FISH testing.

Request forms are available on our website: ROS1 IHC Request Form.

If you have any queries about this test, please do not hesitate to contact the laboratory: http://www.hsl-ad.com/contact/